Need to forward to shared IP.

A few of our customers just use us for their email accounts and we forward their websites along to another server via a “A” record change.

These same customers would like to get access to their mail from webmail though.

How can I go about making the correct DNS change to that they can access their webmail via “” or something similar.


If you add an “A” record for to point to the interworx server where their mail is, they should be able to access their webmail at:

I realize the “/webmail” at the end of the url feels redundant, but that’s the way the webmail apps are accessible in the webserver config.

The next question then becomes “well, what will show up if they just got to” and the answer will vary depending on the “Default Sites” setting for that IP in NodeWorx > Server > IP Management > Default Sites. By default, it’s configured to show whatever is setup at /var/www/html/index.html - you could modify that to be a generic landing page with a link to /webmail - or even a meta-redirect to /webmail.

Hopefully that’s somewhat helpful :slight_smile:


thanks Paul,
I actually tried that the other night and all I come up with is a “server not found” page.

  1. Add “A” record to the domains DNS records with the HOST of “” pointing to “server shared hosting IP address”
  2. point to

Maybe I am missing something.

This is working now. DNS must have had to propagate before it would work.