New Flash Tutorials Added -- 6/11/06

The FLASH Tutorials we had for the 1.x version of InterWorx-CP were very popular and we’ve had many requests for new ones for the 2.x version, so here they are:

For now these are only for SiteWorx.

Thanks to Dan Lyngholm of Nexcess.Net for his hard work on these.

There have also been numerous other updates to the site with this update, including:

  • Revised DNS Docs
  • How To: Remove InterWorx-CP doc
  • Restructured Troubleshooting Guide
  • Sales and Support FAQ's
  • Support Policy
  • More FAQ's/revised
  • Various updates and fixex
Keep checking back in the next few weeks as we'll be making many more changes/additions to the site moving toward HostingCon in July.

We’ve endeavored to make the site viewable in all browsers. If you find any pages which don’t look or load right or and errors in the docs please let us know by sending an email to Direct links to the page in question and specific locations of the problem (along with browser used) are most helpfull.


Enjoy the new docs!

For those who’d like I’ve packaged up all of the tuts for use on your own site. The SiteWorx flash bundle can be grabbed here:


Hi Chris/Tim,

Excellent work on the Tutorials! :slight_smile:

A quick question; the FAQ’s section in the support section of this site - can it be supplied in a mysql format or some form of database format so that we can import/load it into Kayako’s FAQ feature for our customers?

Any thoughts?

We can’t take credit for Dan’s work on the flash tuts – he did them all :slight_smile: but I know he appreciates the complement.

As for putting the FAQ’s into a database, that’s a large order given that there are now well over 350 of them in the various sections of the site. I deffinitely understand the value of something like that (they were in a phpMyFAQ script on my old site). We may do something along those lines eventually but not at the current time. You are, however, free to do so yourself. All of our documentation is freely reproducable.

All of our documentation is freely reproducable.

That is the important bit, thanks Tim.

If anyone is interested, we will be bringing as many FAQ’s as time allows, into our own Knowledge base. Once we have got the right styles setup, etc, it should be good.

Hello Guys,

We have integrated all the new Flash Tutorials into our Kayako Support Software. We are now just awaiting a response from Kayako for some unencoded files to add a link to the front page.

If anyone wants the XML file to import into their Knowledge base, then drop me a PM and I will be more than happy to get it to you.

Thanks Guys - yet another reason we love Interworx!