New Site Layout / Content

It’s been a long time in the making but we’ve finally released version 1.5 of the InterWorx main website. We’ll be making updates over the next few days as well so things may change slightly, but the general layout and flow should remain the same.

Some key additions are a Documentation Section that we’ll continually update (thanks in advance to Tim Ryberg for his current and future contributions). We’ve also re-opened our Helpdesk and have a new “owned” license available.

There are other goodies on the site as well, so please, click around!


Kudos on the new changes. Looking good! :cool:

Question: You’re touting the ModernBill integration on the front page now. Any idea when the MB module will be available? It’s not listed in the module downloads in the customer support center, I could find no mention of it on the member forums, and it’s not included in the latest release (4.1.5).

It’ll be included in the 1.8.1 release (next week) and it’ll be included in the next major release of MB (unless they do a handful more incremental releases, in which case it’ll be in one of those). It’s officially slated for inclusion in MB 4.2 and we’ll have downloads for 1.8.1 that allow you to use iworx-cp with pre-4.2 releases as well.


When you say downloads, I’m assuming you’re talking about an MB mod_* module, correct?

At any rate, great work! Now, my plan for hosting domination can begin to come to fruition. <insert maniacal laughter>

Did I just say that out loud? :rolleyes:

When you say downloads, I'm assuming you're talking about an MB mod_* module, correct?

Exactly, our mod_interworx module.


NP Chris, you guys have helped me a lot as well. The DNS Server Tutorial is back up and has been moved to White Papers and I am working on a couple others. My New User’s FAQ is in public beta (I’m still double checking a few things before I call it “final” – if there is such a thing with computer software documentation) but it’s up for all to read on my site (see my sig file) and will go up in the Wite Papers section on the IntreWorx site probably some time next week.