new subdomain

I created an account that is a subdomain of another account I have on that box. It is now almost 12 hours later and only that box is able to ping the new address. I’ve tried from other servers, dig web sites, etc. No one except the Interworx box.

Have you added a DNS entry in the dns zone record for the main domain, which is for the sub-domain?

Might be worth a go.

I have not, but it should be automatic, if it requires that. I believe I had no hassles in doing this before, but I think that was a case of move the subdomain first, then the domain later (from an old server), and now a new subdomain. The thing is… the InterWorx box can resolve it just fine.

Is the InterWorx box the nameserver for the domain? Or is the domain being managed by another nameserver? If you could private message me the domain name, I can help you figure it out.

I had this SAME problem with a subdomain I added to a Interworx site and had totally forgot the DNS for the domain was being handled by another server! Once I added the subdomain as a A record on the other server things worked fine.

Everything is on the one Interworx box. I’ve sent the PM.