New webmail 'selector' page

With version 3.01 the webmail URL redirects to Horde like version 2 used to do. How do I tell iWorx to use the default selector page?


PS - My vote goes to keeping the new webmail login just the way it is. It’s perfect. No radio buttons or icons please.

Not sure if I understand what you are asking. You should always be getting the selector page. Once you use it once it will remember your choice after that so you don’t need to keep reselecting it, but it should not go directly to Horde.

Clean out our browser cache and see if that helps.

Before the answer to my question dinged my skull like an anvil dropped from an airplane, Horde was loading with /webmail/ urls like the older version did (no selector page). The /webmail/ index file is html (the anvil) but Apache was set to load php before html and found Horde first.