NFS and open ports ?


Which ports have to be open to allow NFS to work (with portmap, rpc, etc) ?

I think the default portmap for NFS is 2049 UDP ?

In fact I have a hardware firewall and I try to export a directory from iworx server A to iworx server B

I have set the export on server A (and give the ip of server B)
On server B I try to mount the export but nothing happens

As I have an hardware firewall I’m pretty sure no special port are open. So which open port need NFS ?



arrrf I have opened the port 2049 send/receive both UDP and TCp and it still doesn’t work

On server A (the export) I have

  • In /etc/exports
    /home ip_box_B (ro)

  • in hosts.allow
    lockd: ip_box_B
    rquotad: ip_box_B
    mountd: ip_box_B
    statd: ip_box_B
    portmap: ip_box_B

On server B I try to mount this export (from nodeworx) and it waits a long time then say ? NFS share mount failed : /home2 => ip_box_A:/home

So I try directly on the console by doing
mount ip_box_A:/home /home2
mount: mount to NFS server ‘’ failed: System Error: Connexion termin?e par expiration du d?lai d’attente.

So in english connexion ended after a too long time wait

Do I havee to open others PORTS ?


Have you tried adding box B to box A’s list of trusted IPs?

Short answer is yes, but More I have stopped APF and in the harsware Firewall I have open port 2049 but I can’t add a trusted IP on this firewall