NodeWorx 2.0 Changes

NodeWorx Changes

Version 2.0 brings many changes to the NodeWorx interface for users of the 1.x version of InterWorx-CP. This document will review some of these changes.

The main InterWorx theme has been redone. It now utilizes less hard coding and more css and Javascript, along with fewer graphics which provide faster loading and a cleaner look. The main menu on the left utilizes more submenus which expand and contract as needed. It is divided up into the following main categories:

  • SiteWorx – contains the screens for creating and managing SiteWorx accounts. New with 2.0 are the new ScriptWorx script installer, and the ability to grant ssh access to SiteWorx system user accounts.
  • Resellers – contains the screen to create and manages Reseller accounts on the server (this is a new feature with 2.0). A Reseller is in essence a NodeWorx user with limited privileges.
  • System Services – contains screens to manage your web server (Apache 2.0), mail server (qMail MTA, vPopmail MTA), ftp server (proftpd), MySQL server, and dns server (djbdns). These screens let you set server defaults and change some individual settings
  • Server – contains the screens to manage a variety of server wide things such as InterWorx language, InterWorx Themes and API key, CRON, IP Management, Software Updates, and System Graphs (formerly Monitoring)

The current version of the software now appears in the lower left corner of every screen.

The old NodeWorx news system was been removed in 1.9

About The Old Server Setup Screen:

This screen has been eliminated and it’s functionality has been spread out to different screens. Here’s an overview:

  • InterWorx Version – This is now listed in the lower LEFT corner of every screen.
  • Software Updates – Moved to the top of the Server => Server Updates screen which also contains the old Updates screen
  • Default Name Servers – Moved to System Services => DNS Server => Overview where you can now view and change some other DNS server settings
  • InterWorx Alerts and Monitoring – appears to have been removed. I could not find it.