NodeWorx 2.1 - Firewall port Open/Closed color coding

The new firewall configuration page looks really great. I have just one request, though. Could you alter it so the “Closed” ports use the red/pink color (like for a “STOPPED” service) instead of the blue color? That would make it much easier to see what is open/closed at a glance.

All ports will have the blue background if Firewall is off. When the firewall is on, Open ports will have a green background and closed ports will have a red background. If firewall is on, and they are still showing up with blue backgrounds, then something isn’t quite right.

Oops. The firewall is currently turned off. I can’t risk enabling it at the moment, but I’ll try it out tonight when fewer people are watching. Nice to hear we are thinking alike, though. :wink: