NodeWorx/SiteWorx causes load problem

Every so often I have a client or a reseller who needs a password changed…

The server serves websites and emails flawlessly almost all of the time currently… The load will sit between 0.50 and 5.00 at very busy times… But when I login to NodeWorx to change a password, or view the usage graphs, the load shoots up to over 20 or more!

I’ve tried watching for the Nodeworx httpd processes, and CPU usage goes up to about 70% as soon as I click the login button on the first page.

Siteworx is a similar story, although I rarely use it unless I need a new subdomain :slight_smile:

I’ve run yum update and yum upgrade of course…

I think I’ve narrowed it down to one (or more) of three things:

• NodeWorx requires more CPU power than the CPU can provide,
• There is a fault in the installation of NodeWorx,
• Kernel problem… I’m not running the latest version, but I can’t, as CentOS has kernel panics without the patched I have installed to the current kernel…

Any idea what is causing this problem? One of the above, or something I’m missing?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Fr3d,

How long does the load stay in the 20 range? How many accounts do you have on the server?


Well it stays there until the algorithms in the kernel recalculate the load, unless I continue to use IWorx, in which case it ususally stays at about that level, although it depends what I’m doing.

There are approximately 100 accounts on there, give or take a few. Most are very small html-only websites, although there are a few much larger ones. This shouldn’t make much difference though… Or at least I wouldn’t’ve thought so.


Hi Fr3d,

When you get a chance, open a ticket. We’ll check it out and see if we can reproduce the problem.


I can’t open a ticket as my IWorx license on that box is from Sagonet (who either can’t or won’t do anything, and/or don’t know how to fix it), and my one-time license doesn’t have a MyIworx login. :frowning:


You don’t need an account/license with us in order to open a ticket. Just go here and fill out the form:

You don’t need to login ahead of time.

Oh right… I had always used the ticked system in MyIworx, I never knew about that one. Thanks :slight_smile: