anyone here running ntop, if so, is there a supported installation method for iworx?

Our upstream is showing some VERY strange traffic graphs where the graphs in iworx dont reflect these traffic surges we are experiencing.

Yesterday, for example, our upsdstream showed sustained 90Mbit connection for around 90mins from our server, with nothing showing on the server, no performance degredation, no heavy loads, nothing. Diddly squat.

We would like to run ntop during one of these ‘surges’ to see if we can catch it… any ideas guys?


I just grabbed the ntop package from DAG:


Didn’t see an FC4 package, but he does provide the SRPM, so you should be able to build your own.

Haha Socheat!

At least the one we’re having issues with is a FC3 Box :wink:

I will have a look over. I had tried a yum install ntop but didn’t find anything. I’ll update this thread later to see how we get on.

Oooh another *top program :smiley:
/me installs for fun

How to install ntop:

rpm -ihv http://repo.securityteam.us/repository/redhat/securityteamus-repo-latest.rpm


yum install ntop

Make sure ntop will start at boot

chkconfig ntop on

Start the service

service ntop start

ntop will start gathering network info.
ntop can be reached at http://server_ip:3000/


what is this : http://repo.securityteam.us/repository/redhat/securityteamus-repo-latest.rpm ?

is it ntop ?


Thats a file, when you use yum, he will search on the site of securtyteam for rpm’s etc

Haa ok it is a yum repository update !

Be carefful to not erase the interworx default yum config !!!

If you do then you’ll no more have Soft updates

Be sure to have in /etc/yum.conf

name=InterWorx-CP - Generic

name=InterWorx-CP - RedHat Enterprise $releasever


of course i have that. I’m not a noob :slight_smile:

ha ha ha sure not , sorry :cool:

Could yu please give the repository added to yum.conf for securityteam, I’m curious to see what they provide. It might be interesting