Odd Webalizer Behavior

I haven’t had time (and won’t have time until this evening) to look but for whatever reason webalizer was only run on random sites last night.

Why would this happen?

It looks to me like webalizer completed on all your domains. Perhaps when you scrolled down to the daily statisitcs section, you scrolled a bit to far and went to the “hourly statistics”, which obviously stop at 23. I mention it because I made that mistake today.


Yea… The stats finally finished at 1133 this morning… Took 11 hours to run.

The part that is taking so long is DNS resolving the IPs in the log file for the busy sites on your server. This is an package option that can be turned on or off on a per-account basis. You’ll be able to speed up stats finishing time significantly if you set this option to “No” for the busy sites.

To do this, in NodeWorx go to the SiteWorx accounts listing page, click the “edit” button, and change the “Resolve DNS names” option to “No”.