Ok this is getting a tad bit.. irritating.

I know InterWorx is an incredible CP and I can’t make it if I tried yada yada, but quite honestly that is not something a company should be saying to its customers. I am paying $25 a month, and I’m a student, that’s 1/2 a day of me working! I know InterWorx is in many ways better than cPanel, but that doesn’t make it better. My clients (and me…) complain about the old version of ScriptWorx programs, and it’s complete lack of an update feature. If you should EVER set a deadline, such as “by Christmas”, and you DON’T expect to meet it… then DON’T SET THE DEADLINE. My clients were annoyed when they logged in to find the same old control panel.

Come on guys. At least make an update thread with reports as to how far we are to InterWorx 3.0. :confused:

P.S. Support is still awesome as ever, though. That alone would keep me here. :D:D

I could help you guys with some things (not really directly iWorx related) such as updating the News section (last updated in 2005…). I could also help with things like fixing site errors like a 403 where there shouldn’t be (or remove the link to it if intended). I could also keep customers up to date with other things such as a WHMCS integration with InterWorx. Quite honestly it appears that the iWorx team seems very busy, to the point where things that would make us look better are not done.

I can understand how you feel. Quite a bit of us fanboys were going nuts when IWorx was first going to be released :slight_smile: Ahh the good old days…

Anyway, just to say it, everything (including control panels and the people that develop them) have thier strengths and weaknesses. Everyone who I know that has come from another panel to SiteWorx has loved it. For me, I’d rather help someone get some software installed and updated than rebuild accounts and servers destroyed by Brand X’s control panel.

Anyway, fanboy opinions are biased, but I don’t mind.

InterWorx.com is going to have a whole slew of new content added when 3.0 is released: a major emphasis on software partnerships, feature lists and overviews, more howto’s and FAQ’s, and a few other things.

The news section is indeed something which has been neglected and we will be updating that more often than we have been. If you have something you think we should cover, please contact us and let us know.

We really should have posted something when Ubersmith announced it’s integration and that’s my bad entirely :wink: We will deffinitely anounce other software partnerships but will do so when they notify us that the integration is done. The only thing I’ve seen with WHMCS is a request for a demo license and API info. Have they progressed further than we’re aware of?

As the webmaster I do appologize for any 403 messages you may have gotten. The only place there should be dead links is in the documentation section where we have links to docs which we have not written yet.

If you find them anywhere else please send the details to feedback at interworx.com and I will make sure they get fixed.

As a followup, the link to the mainling list system will be removed with the next update. We had a minor server infiltration last week so phplist had to go :frowning:

So how will we get updates? :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

I like how you put that :slight_smile:

The only thing I’ve seen with WHMCS is a request for a demo license and API info. Have they progressed further than we’re aware of?
I have seen an iworx host that uses whmcs on their order page (uses paypal)…

Did they have instant account activation? You can use any billing panel you want right now if you are going to create and activate the accounts manually.

I’ll contact WHMCS and see where they are at. If they are indeed done with their integration we will be putting up a press release about it.

Check the forums and news sections on the site regularly. As much as people asked for a mailing list, no one actually used it. The last time I checked about half the staff were InterWorx/Nexcess staff :frowning:

And for those interested, I manually edited the html of the homepage to remove the link to the mailing list system to avoid further confusion.

Who needs mailing lists when you can have RSS :slight_smile: cough cough

Did they have instant account activation?
I don’t know about that. The host is mfhost.com

That’s me, lol. You could have just asked. I use WHMCS for the client invoicing and support system. It works just fine, although you need to manually activate accounts. I changed the email templates around so when I click “Send Welcome Email” via WHMCS, the username and password are specified by me. Basically, I removed most references to /cpanel/ in WHMCS and replaced it with /siteworx/.

As for for iWorx integration, they told me they would support it once enough people are interested in it. They verified the demo copy and API, but they won’t tell me anything else.

It seems that they basically want/need more people who use iWorx/WHMCS in combination before they will integrate it. Beats me.

Having demo’d 3.0 at HostingCon - I can tell you it will be well worth any wait.

As we’ve seen from previous versions, they’re not going to let you risk your clients on it until it’s absolutely perfect. The features themselves were basically there in July; from my understanding what’s left is to make it solid.

That said, I know the anticipation is killing us all. :rolleyes:

I know for sure that v 3.0 will be worth the waiting, I have confidence that the CP will rock! Also, I prefer to have a good tested and stable CP with less updates and patches (since those are needed when there are bugs :wink: then to have something like M$ and that you will have to update your system for vulnerabilities every week…

So I will wait very patiently for the new release to come :slight_smile: