One of those far future request...

This is less of a feature request and more I think it would be cool request.

Program InterWorx to use JavaScript XMLHttpRequest (and either AJAX or just custom JS for the User Interface). This way it would be like using a real application. Could have stuff reporting in more real time without ever having the page reload. Could check different differnt parts (HTTP, Mail, etc.) without the pages having to load.

Again I know this is probably not something I will see anytime soon, but I took my first dive into it making a JS UI with XMLHttpRequest to process backend PHP scripts. I did all this to control my Battlefield 2 server (I know really productive :wink: )

I know this is nothing new, but I think its pretty cool.

All I’ll say is, “noted”. :smiley: :wink:

All I’LL say is…jeez…get on it already Socheat. People wanna see it in action. :smiley:

AJAX is pretty cool stuff!

So Socheat will this be ready to show off at HOSTINGCON 2006? :wink: :smiley:

Uh Oh!! Look what i started :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess I should look foward to having my support tickets mysteriously fall to the back of the Q :wink:

Maybe I should have waited until the next realease to post this…

Sorry Socheat!

Hahah - he’s onto us :wink:

:smiley: LOL, you guys crack me up! :smiley:

Hey, now with and mootools and stuff out there maybe we can see some cool stuff soon :slight_smile: