Outdated Logwatch

I’m not sure if this is an Iworx issue or a CentOs issue… but my version of Logwatch is very old… I found instructions on upgrading the LogWatch version at the LogWatch website and was going to proceed but I wanted to make sure I do it in an IWorx friendly way…

Are there any issues to look out for? Also, if this feature is outdated does that mean that the server in general has outdated stuff on it? Coming from cPanel I know that cPanel automatically updated operating system componenets… does IWorx do this? And if so, why isn’t LogWatch updated, and if not, it seems like a major missing feature, so any plans to add this capability?


If you want to make sure your server is up to date run the following from the command line

yum update

This will update your Iworx version and all installed software to the newest available in our and the CentOS repositories. These are NOT always the most up to date package versions as we depend on the CentOS team to keep the RPM’s updated. We only roll our own RPM’s of there is a specific need to (ie Iworx needs it or occasionally large customer demand ie mysql/php).

Then log into NodeWorx and go to Server => Software Updates and make sure that Auto Update is ON for both Iworx and OS. The option there to que updates does not work for CentOS 4 for some reason.

That being said there should be no issues with you updating logwatch. Right now that is something installed by with the distro and has absolutely nothing to do with Iworx. I did put in a feature request some time back for a logwatch front end for Iworx so we may have something along those lines eventually but Iworx just reads conf file so you don’t need to worry about breaking anything there.