Passing along some info on GREAT SOFTWARE...

Just passing along some info to you folks.

I’m sure that with the business many of you are in you could use some great project management software at times to keep up with things.

If so, then you need <a href=“”>Dotproject</a>

The new release is out and is a significant upgrade to the previous one, even though the previous one was a killer product also.

This product just kills any of the project management tools commercially available, it is web based, collaborative, work flow oriented, has a built in forum and ticketing system and many add on modules to boot.

I used it last year for a blues festival I run in Atlanta within a few days all of my mostly computer illiterate staff was using and even liking it a lot. Try that with MS project or any of the others.

And did I mention its free!

Donations are accepted, and I’m sure you find out quickly that they are warranted also…