Pbm receiving Email


Since few days I encounter problem to receive mails > 100Ko

I’ve tried with Hord or with outlook but nothing to do.

When I have an email with an attach file > 100Ko I can’t receive my mail or download the attach file

The problem is I do not reveive the others following mails from that email-box

Any idea ?
(apparently this pbm is for all my e-mail boxes)

I have no error in send/current, neither smtp and pop3 /current or maillog.

The message says something like “the mail server didn’t repsond on time” (it’s french so…)

Thanks for your help

Hi Pascal,

Try increasing the memory limit in /service/pop3/run
The relevant line is:

exec /usr/bin/softlimit -m 6400000 \

Increase that 6400000 number and see if that fixes it.


Hi Paul,

I’v increased the softlimit to 150000000 but I have the same pbm :
the attach file is 360Ko

here is the /var/log/pop3/current log

@400000004169de082280c574 tcpserver: pid 10568 from
@400000004169de0822a63764 tcpserver: ok 10568 bewos.carat-hosting.com: mix-annecy-105-2-169.w193-248.abo.wanadoo.fr:
@400000004169de7b16568374 tcpserver: end 10538 status 256
@400000004169de7b16569ae4 tcpserver: status: 1/200

nothing special, maybe one thing, why It stop pid 10538 ? the pid is 10568 ? ins’t it ?


Just to double check, did you restart the pop3 service after you made the change? I forgot to mention this. You can do it either via NodeWorx or at the command line:
service pop3 restart

Also, just to be sure, you are using plain old pop3, not pop3 over SSL right?


Yep I’ve restarted POP3 service and yes I’m using plain old pop3

I’ve seen that I have the same pbm with the send mail (smtp) but it is less frequent that whit pop, as for this last one it occurs all the time