Permanent Redirect?

I understand the usage of pointer domains… but I’m more interested in setting up “permanent redirects”… I know this can be done manually through Apache, but can it be done via Interworx?

The reason for wanting the permanent redirect vs the current pointer domain usage is because of Google… if Google sees two sites with the same content then you can get penalized (up to being banned) in the search results… whereas if you have two domains and one permanent redirects to the other you won’t have a problem.

Again, in summary, is there a way to setup permanent redirects through the Interworx interface or does this have to be done manually?

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You have to do it manually right now probably using .htaccess

Redirects (from site path to URL)

Redirect /

We will be adding a .htaccess manager in the next version due out before hostingcon

Can you say if there will be any Java/Tomcat integration?


Also, which httpd.conf do I modify and anything special to look out for so Interworx doesn’t step on my changes and vice-versa…

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Right now there aren’t any specific plans for it, no, but it is possible that will change if there is sufficient user demand. User feedback is the primary thing we use to decide what to add next.

Ok… stumbled upon /etc/httpd/conf.d and my various domain conf files… what is the “best” way to add a Redirect to these conf files… also, how are these conf files “imported” into the Apache service… I can’t find a reference to the specific conf filenames in any httpd.conf file…

Again, I appreciate your patience while helping me get things setup properly. Also, any tips to avoid trashing the Interworx functionality would be helpful, for example, do I need to remove pointer domains before adding my redirects?

You need to add it to the site vhost file, which the ‘pointer’ domain resides in, as it will be in the ServerAlias line.

In /etc/httpd/httpd.conf there is a line which Includes ALL files in the /etc/httpd/conf.d/ folder. After any Apache restart, it automatically looks re-reads those files, just as if the content was palced directly in httpd.conf.

Make your change, and then restart Apache either through NodeWorx or by simpl running, while SSH’d in; service apache restart

Just a note that whenever possible it’s best to not edit httpd.conf at all. If for example you want to set a default error doc for the box you can edit the skel file (the template for furure vhost confo files in /etc/httpd/conf.d/

The skel file is located /home/interworx/etc/vhost-base.conf Editing this will only edit future vhost config files, not ones that already exist.

You can also create a file such as errordocs.conf in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ with that appropriate apache directives in it and it will be server wide.

Whenever editing or creating config files remember to test the new settings and then reload apache

service httpd configtest
service httpd reload

I’ve looked at skel and vhost-base.conf… is there anyway to initialize directories with a little more control… for example, under I’d like to always create another directory, e.g., webapps. this resides at the same level as html under the directory…

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Hi Cliff-

Certainly. Anything (files, directories, etc) you put in /home/interworx/etc/skel will be in the new account structure. So, if you wanted a webapps directory for every SiteWorx account you created, simply make the webapps dir in /home/interworx/etc/skel and chown it to iworx.iworx.


It appears chelsel wants to create a directory at the same level as html by making a change to skel. When I look at the contents of skel, I only see what will be created inside the actual html directory. So, how would one create a directory that will be created along side html instead of inside it?