php 5.3

Hi there,

Is it possible to run multiple version of php within one interworx server? I’m not web guru so apologies but my assumption is no.

So means have to downgrade php 5.3 to 5.2 due to a silly site we migrated, is this possible?


There isn’t a way to run multiple versions of PHP that I know of, but you can usually drop PHP back with ‘yum downgrade PHP’ on the commandline.

One of the advantages of Cloudlinux is multiple php, since CL is supported by interworx I’d like to know if this functionality works. On their website I’m able to find information that they have plugins only for Cpanel, Directadmin and Plesk

Sadly at present this feature does not work. CloudLinux are supposedly working on it though.


hacman: are there any other possiblities to have a multiple php with interworx? this is very important for me

There will be ways to do it, but the real question is what (if any) of those are supported in production by the InterWorx team.

One of the InterWorx folks will be along shortly with any luck to provide an official answer, or I guess you could always raise a ticket if the issue is time critical.


Multiple PHP for the interworx sounds good to me…if it can be introduces it will enhance the productivity.

as far as i know, the php selector in CL works just fine… its only the controlpanel GUI that is cPanel exclusive right now… so you will need to use CLI for administration.

Evanion: php selector in CL works for Cpanel, Directadmin and Plesk, but not for Interworx