php config

i have some problems with configuring php on my server.
i want to have


turned On

but i dont know which file edit and what to restart…
i have interowrx 1.9.1 and i have already edited /etc/php.ini and /home/interworx/etc/php.ini and restared httpd and even whole server but these vairables are still off…

and if i put into .htaccess

php_flag register_globals 1
<Files “.ht*”>
deny from all
then my whole domain gets 500Internal error

can someone help me ?
thanks :slight_smile:

You’ll want to edit /etc/php.ini blant and restart apache when done.

You can also do:

php_flag register_globals On

in the .htaccess if the directory you’re doing that is has “Options” allowed for AllowOverride in your domain’s apache config file.


I have done that /etc/php.ini the i have changed these options at the top of config file and then restarted httpd (service httpd restart) but these options didnt change :confused: thats the problem

Ok, i found what was the problem.
should work now
Thanks for your answers