php-iworx-4.3.9 RELEASED

php-iworx 4.3.9 was released today on our update servers.


PHP Development Team is proud to announce the immediate release of PHP 4.3.9.
This is a maintenance release that in addition to over 50 non-critical bug fixes, addresses a problem
with GPC input processing. This release also re-introduces ability to write
GIF images via the bundled GD extension.
All Users of PHP are encouraged to upgrade to this release as soon as possible.

Aside from the above mentioned issues this release includes the following important fixes:

  • Implemented periodic PCRE compiled regexp cache cleanup, to avoid memory exhaustion
  • Fixed strip_tags() to correctly handle ‘\0’ characters.
  • Rewritten UNIX and Windows install help files.
  • Fixed a file-descriptor leak with phpinfo() and other ‘special’ URLs.
  • Fixed possible crash inside php_shutdown_config().
  • Fixed isset crashes on arrays.
  • Fixed imagecreatefromstring() crashes with external GD library.
  • Fixed fgetcsv() parsing of strings ending with escaped enclosures.
  • Fixed overflow in array_slice(), array_splice(), substr(), substr_replace(), strspn(), strcspn().
  • Fixed ‘\0’ in Authenticate header passed via safe_mode.
  • Allow bundled GD to compile against freetype 2.1.2.

All in all this release fixes over 50 bugs that have been discovered and resolved
since the 4.3.8 release.

PHP Development Team

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Sorry Chris but I have one more time a pbm.

I launch the install from nodeworx and the installation screen freeze.

What should I do ?

Stop it ?

Seems to be the same pbm than previous time

Thanks for your help



yum check-update freeze
rpm -q freeze

service iworx restart make an error :
[root@padawan root]# service iworx restart
Stopping InterWorx-web: [ OK ]
Stopping InterWorx-db: [ OK ]
Starting InterWorx-db: [ OK ]
(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
no listening sockets available, shutting down
Unable to open logs
Starting InterWorx-web: [FAILED]

I 'm lauching a reboot

Please help



Well after the reboot I’ve launch a yum check-update
All packages was here

So I’ve done a yum update and everything seems to be updated

yum update
Gathering header information file(s) from server(s)
Server: Red Hat Linux 9 - Base
Server: Red Hat Linux 9 - Fedora Legacy - Updates
Server: InterWorx-CP - Generic
Server: InterWorx-CP - Red Linux 9
Server: Red Hat Linux 9 - Updates
Finding updated packages
Downloading needed headers
Resolving dependencies
Dependencies resolved
I will do the following:
[update: php 4.3.9-100.iworx.i386]
[update: php-mysql 4.3.9-100.iworx.i386]
[update: php-devel 4.3.9-100.iworx.i386]
[update: php-iworx 4.3.9-2.iworx.i386]
[update: php-ldap 4.3.9-100.iworx.i386]
[update: php-imap 4.3.9-100.iworx.i386]
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages
Running test transaction:
Test transaction complete, Success!
warning: /etc/php-cli.ini created as /etc/php-cli.ini.rpmnew
warning: /etc/php.ini created as /etc/php.ini.rpmnew
php 100 % done 1/12
php-mysql 100 % done 2/12
php-devel 100 % done 3/12
php-iworx 100 % done 4/12
php-ldap 100 % done 5/12
php-imap 100 % done 6/12
Completing update for php - 7/12
Completing update for php-mysql - 8/12
Completing update for php-devel - 9/12
Completing update for php-iworx - 10/12
Completing update for php-ldap - 11/12
Completing update for php-imap - 12/12
Updated: php 4.3.9-100.iworx.i386 php-mysql 4.3.9-100.iworx.i386 php-devel 4.3.9-100.iworx.i386 php-iworx 4.3.9-2.iworx.i386 php-ldap 4.3.9-100.iworx.i386 php-imap 4.3.9-100.iworx.i386
Transaction(s) Complete

The packages was still in pending state in nodeworx, so I have clic on install (I thought as it was already install, nodeworx would update his update status)
Nodeworx showed me very quickly the installed status and after having closed the window, I have no more package in pending state

So now everything is fine

warning: /etc/php-cli.ini created as /etc/php-cli.ini.rpmnew
warning: /etc/php.ini created as /etc/php.ini.rpmnew

Does it mean that The new php-cli.ini and php.ini have been renamed, or does it mean that it the olds one ?
Do I have to rename them ?

As I’m curious, why do I have always this pbm ?
Is it better to install released package with yum rather than nodeworx ?


Hi Pascal,

The problem is when there are new httpd-iworx or php-iworx packages, when those are installed, they can interfere with the functioning of the running iworx instance. We’ll be updating the nodeworx update feature to either resolve this issue somehow, or just not allow php-iworx and httpd-iworx to be updated via the web interface (and will direct the user to use yum at the command line). The other option is of course to have “auto update on” and have the box update iteself.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Paul,

But I have the ‘auto-update’ on and the package is not installed automaticly

I mean I have check new updates by clicking ‘refresh’, so I log out and wait few minutes and login. But the packages was still in pending state so I cliked on ‘install’


Auto-update only updates once in 24 hours, so to use that you have to wait up to 24 hours for it to complete.

after this updates php/mysql doesn’t work anymore.

interworx, html-pages working fine but my bbs and ads-system gives a blank screen.

can you help me please?

You are going to need to provide a lot more details ppirky including URLs of what you’re talking about. You must understand also that this update is for interworx’s PHP and not the system PHP (there was another thread regarding the system PHP). Furthermore, we provide the updated PHP packages as a courtesy and do not directly support them.


thanks, you have pm.

Auto-update only updates once in 24 hours, so to use that you have to wait up to 24 hours for it to complete.

erfff… Ok…

I thought it was as soon as I login

So everything is more clear now (my 2nd server was updated automaticly)

Thanks Paul



If you encounter pbm with some php scripts and in particulary with the connexion to your databases

please go here