PHP script are no more working since ...


Since the Php released, my PHP script doesn’t work anymore
(blank page)

I have 2 sites in this case, and I didn’t modify anything in my exiting script

for examples :
client] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in /home/carathos/ on line 46
1: [client] PHP Notice: Undefined index: exchange_rate in /home/carathos/ on line 34

My mysql_connect() function is well defined as I’m just testing it on an other webhosteur

Exactly as the last post write today in this thread

Thanks for your help
(ps I heard about an incompatibility between mysql and php on some last versions ==> change mysql and php together ?
sorry don’t remember where I read that, this past day)

Ok I think I found the pbm.

In the /etc/php.ini the dir that include extension is not defined well

In the /etc/php.ini
there is “./” in the extension_dir

So just change this line

extension_dir = "./" 

to this one

extension_dir = /usr/lib/php4

And restart php

service php restart

Don’t know if we have to do the same thing with the iworx’s php.ini file
which is at

extension_dir = ./

(not exactly the same than /etc/php.ini, there is no " ")

Wait for iworx confirmation

But if yu have this problem then you can do the change savely as now all my sites web are working fine


Sorry for the late reply pascal, as you already saw I did get to one of the threads here: