PHP Security Tweaks

Hello. I have liked the control panel so far. I’ve got the following requests.

  1. Option to Enable Safe Mode per account basis
  2. Option to use Open_basedir

1 : The safe mode is something that might be a useful thing to be enabled globally. Admins can give clients 95% PHP functionality, and have a little safety net. I’ve considered doing free hosting before. The major thing to make me stop was Apache 1.3 - the pre Forked design isn’t at all suitable for highperformance , high hit archecture. Interworx stops that problem for me.

2 : Open Basedir - I know you think is faulty, however, it’s been in production on MANY millions of Cpanel servers out there. It adds a secirity layer that is very comforting for a lot people. It’s not chrooting, but it’s quite reasonable.

I agree with you here NAPPA and we will be looking at doing more config options (like these) very soon. Thanks for your input!