PHP5 Support...

I am running CentOS 4.1 and have installed Interworx and was wondering when will PHP 5.0.4 be supported officially by Interworx?

If you are planning on running both PHP4 & PHP5 together you can accomplish this already by simply setting up another instance of apache to run as local and then proxy the request from the apache which is exposed to the world.

By setting up another instance you'll need to download the apache tarball, compile and install it.  Configure it to respond only to localhost requests. Ensure that you have mod_proxy enable on the version exposed to the Internet as well.

Thx for the feedback but I already know that…I am a PHP developer and am only using PHP 5 right now on most of my hosts and have been coding only for this version, this install here is for my primary job and their websites.

php5 doesn’t conflict with InterWorx-CP at all Dark_Wizard so in that sense it’s 100% supported. If you’re asking when we’ll provide RPMs for php5 it will be a while. We do have some SRPMs available that will aid you in getting php5 going and there’s another thread about that here:



do you have an howto fot this ?

now I use both php4 and php5 but php 4 as module and php5 as cgi. An other solution may be interesting to test



Ok…I tried this and getting “Error: mysql conflicts with MySQL” any ideas?

Edit/ add this as well “Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package php”

I need to get this rolling as there are outside developers writing for PHP5 and latest MySQL version…this needs to be a part of Iworx…