PhpBB Password change?

I have been trying to understand what has happened and I’m at a loss for a solution. I used this software to install a phpbb forum. After which I realized the table names were wrong so I deleted the database and user then deleted the files off the ftp and then finally created a new forum install, database for it and user name.

I fill out the information for the install on the install.php and when I go to submit the install, a small dialog box opens and states “Confirm Password Change” then lists a few options, none of which i have used before.

Can you tell me what that is? I have never seen it before on other forums i have installed. Simply I cant install anything because of it.

Can you explain what you mean by the table names being wrong? All ScriptWorx does is execute the SQL that is included in the phpBB package. Could you possibly mean the database and username? If so, yes they are randomly generated by ScriptWorx.

I’ve never heard of what you are describing happening. The dialog box you mention: can you tell if it is generated by Iworx/ScriptWorx, phpBB or your browser?

Can you try doing the same thing on a different SiteWorx account (Can be of you don’t have a different domain to try it on). If you get the same results on a different site then I’d open a support tocket with details on how to reproduce the problem and someone will take a look at it.

As an aside it’s probably not a good idea to install phpBB from ScriptWOrx at this juncture as it is an out of date version. (This won’t be a problem anymore once InterWorx 3.0 is out). At the very least you should update to the latest version.

This is what I see. I have been trying for the past several minutes to manually install forums via ftp and I still get this error. It has got to be tied to your software somehow because I have never seen this before on any server I have install phpbb on.


The Password change box is a feature of FireFox, not anything to do with PhpBB or IWorx. When you have FireFox save usernames and passwords in a website, it keeps track of them. If you try to enter a saved username along with a new password…meaning a different one that FireFox has saved…it’ll popup that box and ask if you’d like to change the password FireFox has saved for that username to the new one you’re entering in the field.

That’s your FireFox password manager that is popping up. Nothing to do with Interworx.

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