Phpmyadmin doesnt link up


I seem to be having problem with phpmyadmin on my interworx install. Basically it doesnt appear to be linking to the correct file. The link used in siteworx is: this does not work. I found that adding does work. It only appears to do this when your in siteworx. Nodeworx phpmyadmin works perfect.

As a temporary measure i added http://<server ip>:2080/ before the link in the siteworx template but this is not an ideal fix as it requires the client to login with a username and password instead of it being automatic.

Does anyone know of a fix for this?



Anyone? I dont know why it does this only for the phpmyadmin link (requires the port) yet every other link in siteworx works fine without a port.

This may be a bug, please open a support ticket and someone will take a look.