phpmyadmin issue

Question I raised to a few people last week. In siteworx a user can view all the servers databases when using phpmyadmin, even tho they cannot access them its a real hassle for the customer to sort through to find their own DB. Not to mention some users will view this as a security issue.

Any updates or comments on this?

This is a definite bug that was submitted to the developers last week and is being investigated as we speak.

Thanks greg… I wasnt sure what the outcome was.

Any updates on this bug?

Hi xlogicgroup,

Can you confirm if this is still a problem on your server (and that you’re running version 2.0.5)? Log into a SiteWorx account with databases, and click the phpmyadmin menu item, and see if you can still see the names of the other databases.



It appears to be fixed. I am running 2.0.5 thanks.