PhpMySQL Username/Password

Using the Siteworx control panel (as a Website admin), I can login directly to PHPMyAdmin by opening “MySQL” and then clicking on “PhpMyAdmin”.
Here is my question:
What Username and Password is Siteworx giving to PhpMyAdmin?
If I log out of PhpMyAdmin and then try my Siteworx Admin username and password, it doesn’t work. If I try my FTP Username/Password, that doesn’t work either. I see that it is supposed to be a ‘localhost’ user, but I can’t figure out what username, password it is using.
Can you help me understand how the username/password is determined for PhpMyadmin at the Siteworx (website admin) level?

PS: I know that I can create new users, but I want to know what username/password is being used when I am sent directly from Siteworx to PhpMyAdmin.
I assume that there has to be a username/password pattern that Nodeworx follows when it sets up a Site.


It’s basically a “temporary” login. The username is the 8 character username for the SiteWorx account. Each time you login using the SiteWorx phpMyAdmin link, we generate a new, random password to use for the user.