Plans for Node Management

Any plans to allow me to manage a cluster of nodes, without the load balancing? Would be fantastic to just have a single control panel to get to many of our nodeworx panels. Some features off the top of my head:

  • monitor loads (cpu/memory/bw) on each server. Could assist in choosing which server to create new accounts on
  • exports for invoicing/reporting/etc. We’re working on exporting data from each node with the API right now, but it would be very nice to get some simple flat file exports to work off as well
  • One-click links to open a nodeworx panel
  • Sync users/settings for admin users (we currently have a script in the works that sync’s the accounts/groups/users in groups so we can work on client sites in some cases. It copies over the .authorized_keys for each user as well, so we can avoid password syncing).

Of course, maybe clustering already supports assigning specific clients to a node in a cluster. If that’s the case then we just need to set up a test environment and give it a whirl.

Hey interlock, welcome to the InterWorx message board! Those sound like some really great feature ideas, and we’ll keep them in mind as we plan out future releases of InterWorx.

Clustering in InterWorx is more along the lines of creating a pool of resources that are used by all clients as opposed to putting specific clients on each node (the cluster nodes aren’t really being used unless the load balancer is enabled). We are actually in the process of improving our clustering solution, and it should be ready to go later this year. We don’t have all of the features definite/stable yet, but as we get closer to release we will let everyone know what they can expect.

If you have any other cluster-type ideas, or other features in InterWorx you would like to see, don’t hesitate to let us know.