plz help me

well to start off with, im a total newb, so i need some halp, iv just got hold of Auditor, put it on disk n run it,iv neva used linux or anything before, my problem is i cant go on tha net, iv got a wireless system going on, have i gota do somthing to connect, well i now i have but how,i can see my wirless hub on 1 of the programs, so i no it can see it, but how do i connect, im used 2 using windows wich dose it all for u like,

im using version: auditor-200605-02-ipw2100
if tha is any help

like i said i have neva used linux before, so i need thing explaind in depth,

PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ some one help


Are you trying to install InterWorx-CP on Auditor? Or are you trying to audit an InterWorx-CP box? Helping you get Auditor connected to the internet is a question better suited for the Auditor support team, as they are the authority on their product.