Pointer domain and mail aliases


Is there any way to add mail alias to a pointer domain? I didn’t find any solution to do it.

Thank you!

You can’t sorry, your best bet is making it’s secondary domain and then using a redirect to the other domain or a PHP script.

header("Location: http://domain.com/");

Thank you Michael! This is the solution which works now, I just wanted to make it simpler, managed from the CP directly.

Welcome, I agree if you did a Ideas feature for pointer domains to come as a dropdown for emails I’ll +1 it. And I’ve just noticed I put “bed it” for bet is haha.

But also with “Secondary Domain” it’s not possible to add a Mailbox or Alias, just with “Master Domain” or is there a workaround?

Hi Thomas,

In the upper right corner of SiteWorx, there’s a “Change domain” button. If you click that and switch to the secondary domain you want to make a mailbox/alias for, you should be able to :slight_smile:

Just found it, thanks :slight_smile: