Pop3 Email problem

I cannot connect my new Interworx VPS server with Pop3 email and need help figuring out what is wrong. I could not find any info on Interworx email conventions, so I am using the following:

Incoming and Outgoing: mail.mydomain.com
username name@mydomain.com
password password

Its sending mail out, the incoming mail is in Horde, but I cannot get that mail into Outlook.

IMAP mail works fine with the same settings. I searched the forums and the only other person who had a problem there was script to run in SSH. I ran that script, restarted the Pop3 process and still no luck.

Your help will meet with a response of free beer (you pay shipping).

vantasticman777, that info looks right, if you’d like to open a ticket and provide the pop3 info I can check it out.