POP3 migration


On one of my VPS servers, I am moving from Interworx to Plesk. On a certain domain I have more than 100 email addresses.

Is there anyway I can make the emails that are currently held in the POP3 mailboxes on the Interworx server to be forwarded to the new server’s mailboxes after the DNS names propogates? I mean… I cant be sure that all users collected their emails from the old server…

Thanks for listening.

I would think pointing the MX record in the DNS zone would do the trick.

I would tell them to use the webmail.

Or setup a DNS record for mailold.whatever.com pointing to the interworx server so that they can still connect to it from outlook or whatever.

It sounds like you want to make mail that is already stored on the iworx-cp box available on the plesk box, is this right?

I believe plesks uses qmail as well and Maildir’s more specifically. You should be able to simply copy the messages that exist on the iworx box to the plesk box. As long as you put them in the “right” directory on the plesk box they will show up. I don’t konw off the top of my head what directory that is.

If you weren’t talking about mail that’s already stored then Justec and r-n-r have the answers you were looking for.