[Possible Bug] IPs not set to activate on boot

I just added an extra 5 IPs to my box, but when I checked using Webmin (I have it installed alongside IWorx for other admin stuff), the IPs are active on the system, but aren’t listed in the “activate on boot” list.

Will IWorx add them on every boot? Or is this a bug?

I added my new IPs to the list manually, but I thought I’d point it out :slight_smile:

Hi Fr3d,

IPs added via NodeWorx are brought up when InterWorx is started (“service iworx start” or “service iworx restart”). So, no, these IPs aren’t technically brought up on boot (i.e., not managed by the /etc/init.d/network and /etc/sysconcfig/network-scripts scripts).


I see, thanks :slight_smile: