postmaster to alias /dev/null?

How do you direct mail to trash? I get a ton of spam, people sending to that doesnt exist. The system tries to notify sender that also doesnt exist that someone@mydomain doesnt exist. So I’ve got messages bouncing all over the place.

Any idea how to stop this?

I cant find /etc/aliases or any aliases file to setup site_blackhole = /dev/null. ANd the gui rejects /dev/null as invalid account.


To automatically kill “double bounces” which is what it sounds like you’re getting inundated with, you can do the following:

  1. create the file /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-dev-null and put in it:

| cat > /dev/null

  1. create/edit the file /var/qmail/control/doublebounceto and put in it:


That will kill doublebounces server-wide.


ok did that - now question, how does it know its a doublebounce?
Unless the file name triggers something in the code to handle those double bounces? Sorry - just curious of the logic.


Hello, I am still getting those bounced emails back to me. I think my domain is just being hammered by some damn group of spammers. How do i direct this mail directly to the trash? /dev/null?

Sorry, I forgot to tell you you needed to restart qmail for the change to kick in, which you can do either in nodeworx or at the command line by running

service smtp restart


Its working fine since. I had thought i restarted SMTP - but guess it didnt restart.