PRE-SALES ENQUIRY : Is it possible to do this .........

Hi Guys

I’m just setting up my own dedicated server, with VMWare servers.

I am looking at setting up as follows - can someone please advise how to do this - or if it is even possible

1 server - Interworx panel only
2 web servers - this number wil increase over time
2 DNS servers
2 Mail servers - again this number will increase over time
2 MySQL servers - possibility of this increasing too

All servers except MySQL servers will have public IP addresses, MySQL servers will remain private from the internet - but need to be accessible by the other servers.

Each of the initial MySQL, Mail and DNS servers will mirrors of each other, where as the web servers will need to be backed up.

I have browsed the site reasonably carefully and can’t find a detailed howto for installing this way.

If it is possible - i will get an evaluation license.

My company CEO has set a deadline of Wednesday for the evaluations to be started so if anyone can advise if this is possible and 1 week for testing
Intended OS will be Debian 7

Hi neontigeruk

Welcome to IW forums

I’ll reread your post later and think a little more, but IW can be installed in cluster mode, which would I think cover everything your posting, and make life easier for you. For instance, multiple web servers, and backup would be a breeze, as it uses a central storage space, either on the primary controller or on its own server, using nfs.

You may want to ask IW about high availability cluster, which means you can lose a cluster manager and the backup cluster manager would takeover, returning to normal when the primary cluster manager was back online.

You would need to open a support ticket for this though

MySQL - again, you can add any number separate MySQL servers, it’s easy to do

Ditto mail servers, dns etc

Backup, IW has it’s own backup you could use, but you may experience higher loading whilst this takes place, but we use r1soft/idera for our offsite backup, which does not load the servers.

Lastly, Debian, from memory I do not think IW would work on this distro, we use centos but you could use cloud Linux or check out the requirements of IW to see what distro you could use.

I hope that helps, and you do not have a lot of time, but if you try IW, it is one of the fastest loading installers.

Many thanks


Hi John

At the moment the only other panels up for considerations are Webmin/Virtualmin and ISPConfig …

One paid for, one OpenSource. The only obstacle I can see for us taking on IW, would be the per server (or VM) licensing being a new company

If needed Centos can be installed, I don’t think that it will make that much difference as once installed the panel will (or is intended / expected to) handle OS updates

Hi neontigeruk

Many thanks, and yes, we looked at those panels, as well as cpanel and to be honest, IW were a clear winner for us, easy to use, whilst allowing server admin over distro, best support I’ve experienced in over 20.

To give you an idea of how impressed we were with IW, our licences are full unbranded but we have not rebranded as IW are respected as a control panel, which really helps with sales, and a lot of our clients are ex cpanel users, whom told us they liked IW.

Licence costs in reality are not expensive, certainly in relation to time saved over trying to get everything working etc, and cp updates etc… But I realise some users would prefer to save a few pounds per month. Personally I prefer my time for other things. In terms of cpanel cost, there cheaper.

For distro updates, you can set IW to autoinstall but I prefer manual install so we are sure everything works as expected afterwards. It’s experience that we do this, and gained over unix, Linux, osx and windows.

Please remember IW does not dictate which distro you use, or how it’s setup, IW controls and makes a breeze of hosting features, and also, you have plugins, such as softalusious and cloudflare, to name a few

I do hope you choose IW for a test, but your time limits may be too short to fully evaluate all cp, but good luck

Many thanks


Hi Neontigeruk

After rereading your post, you would only need 2 IW licences for your posted setup. The Mysql servers can be seperate servers and not require IW licences, but IW from memory would need the root credentials for Mysql to allow full access.

If you were to grow, and require additional servers/services adding to cluster, it is easy to do to add them in, and readjust the loadbalancer.

Many thanks