proftp port change and upgrade question ??


Can i safely upgrade proftp 1.3.0a to the latest version with out breaking anything interworx wise or will this be included in the new 3.0 ?
also is it possible to change the default port 21 to another port or will nodeworx not work correctly with that change.
if thats not possible how do i disable ftp access totally to just one of my ip address on my box.

thank you

You should be able to upgrade proftpd without any problem, but if I were you I’d wait - the two releases since 1.3.0a (1.3.1rc1 and 1.3.1rc2) are “release candidates” (that’s what the rc stands for), which means there may be unresolved bugs. If those versions have some new feature you’re clamouring for though, go for it.

You can change the default port, but InterWorx will think proftpd is down when it really isn’t, since it checks the standard port to see if it’s up.

I’m sure you could tweak the firewall will only allow your IP to use FTP, but I don’t recall how to do this off the top of my head. Maybe someone else that reads this would have a quick solution for that.


i tried the port change but in nodworx the ftp was showing not started even though it had.
mainly want to change port or disable ftp for one particular ip due to to many attempts on that address through ftp.
I would just turn of the ftp option through nodworx but i have other user accounts to think off.

Thanks for your reply.

You can block that one IP from your server completely using the Firewall config page in NodeWorx. Add that IP to the blocked IP box.


sorry Paul didn’t explained that to well.
i was referring to blocking access through proftpd to my server, only one of my dedicated servers ip address on the box is affected by brute force attacks.
abuse is sorted with bfd and auto bans the attacking ip but i just wanted to disable
ftp on just one dedicated ip i have on the box that receives all the attacks.
thank you