Project : iworx API + mailing list


You’ve maybe already readen that I use the interworx-cp API to automaticly create new siteworx account.

My clients, register for a new webhosting account from the website and after have received the CB payement I create, using the api, their siteworx account. In fact, I add a record in a table and a cron job read the table for new account to create every 2 mn. Then, I send a confirmation mail to both the user and the carat team.

My idea is to create a newsletter for all CARAT customers and an emergency alert list mail for all these users too.

The idea is to add the email of every new siteworx users automaticly to 2 mailing lists : the news letter mailing list and the support mailing list.

To do this I think to use EZMLM because my needs about mailing list management is poor. I only need two lists and send mails to the users of these lists.

So I’ll add in my cron job a EZMLM command to automaticly add the user’s email of the new siteworx account.

Like this every new customer will exist in the 2 mailing lists automaticly.

Before begining the job (which may not be very difficult) I’d like to know if some of you have already done something like this (why does the job already done ?) ?

Do you know a web interface to manage EZMLM mailing list ? (maybe qmailadmin does that ?)

Finally if everything is working fine, I’ll may let you know how I did this and maybe it could fine to integrate this functionality in the interworx-cp panel.

I think everybody may be interesting to automaticly have a mailing list to send mail to all of their customers.



In fact I think that my need is more an mailing announcement/news manager rather a mailing list manager.

Indeed, I only need to send announcements to all my users.

The idea is the same, pick up the siteworx admin mail when the account is created and add it to a mail group or something like that.

So I’m looking for a skeletal tools to allow me to automaticly add with a script a new user mail.

The only need of this tool is to send mail to a list of users.

Do you know a good one that may feat my needs ?

if not I may create it under php, but as always, why create something that maybe already exists ? :-p

Thanks for your help/advises


The easiest thing to do may be to read the iworx-cp DB directly. The siteworx_users table in the iworx DB has all the e-mail addresses available. You can then either sync the list you read from the DB with some external program (like ezmlm) or write a script to read / email at the same time.

There’s nothing like this currently pascal but the login info for the iworx db is in /home/interworx/iworx.ini.


Thanks Chris :slight_smile:

Erfff why I didn’t think about this :slight_smile:

Ok it sounds great for me but, in fact, Chris, I already have the good email when I create the siteworx account with the API :slight_smile:

It could be the best as if I take the siteworx DB I’ll have all emails including for one account all the sub sitworx accounts. Now I didn’t look at this database to figure out if you separate sitworx admin account and sub account…

Anyway, all the roads lead to Rome. I have now differents solutions to pick up the mails :slight_smile:

Te last point is I’d Rather create a ezmlm or mailman or something like a mailing list manager I’d prefer create a mail group.

Like this all carat-hosting staff will may update , manage the mail group directly from the nodeworx interface.

The pbm is that I can’t figure out now How to create a mail group exactly as siteworx does. I didn’t find anything in ~alias/ or /home/xxx/var/mail or in /home/vpopmail/domains/

If you may give me the tips and tricks to do this :slight_smile:


why don’t you update the mailing list DB when adding the interworx account through the API ?
because when you’re passing informations to the API, you have the user’s email in your script !
just make an “INSERT” command !

It’s what I’ll do as mentioned earler. This step is the first one.

But as mentionned, I’d like to manage a mail group rather have a mailing list DB or a mailing list manager (like mailman ezmlm, …)

The reason why is for the easy mail group management into siteworx, like this we will be able to manually add others emails for example, without giving an SSH access to the box.

So I try to figure out how to manage a mail group (in fact just to add the new email in the mail group) defined in siteworx with a script.

Where siteworx mail group information are stored ?


Where siteworx mail group information are stored ?

In the iworx_vpopmail db, valias table


easy :rolleyes:

Thanks Chris.

Now my API script automaticly update some groups mail everytime a new account is created.