ProxyPass : Use an existing SSL certificate for Interworx


Since IE7 is out I have a lot of customers complaining bout the siteworx link that doesn’t work :

Indeed in IE7 when the certificate is not CA signed IE7 reject the request and do not recommand to follow with this adress. So a lot of people think the link is broken.

As we have a CA signed for our domain name we decided to use the ProxyPass et ProxyPassReverse to send all request from our SSL sub-domain port 443 to the local web server port 443 (in one word to transfert all requests from our SSL port to interworx server)

So in the vhost config file of our domain, for port 443, we added :


Existing 443 stuff

ProxyRequests Off
SSLProxyEngine On
ProxyPass /siteworx
ProxyPassReverse /siteworx

ProxyPass /nodeworx
ProxyPassReverse /nodeworx

So when we do we don’t have any more pbm about an invalid certificate

It works like a charm

But I wonder why interworx decided to use Rewrite rule rather than ProxyPass to transfer all requests from /siteworx URI to their webserver ?

Is there a known pbm with ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse to interworx Server ?