Purchasing instead of leasing Interworx

If I was to purchase Interworx, how many servers can I have that on? I have two dedicated servers, but only two sites.



The one-time (owned) licenses are per server euser, and you get minor version updates (i.e. 1.x.x. -> 1.z.y) and 3 months of e-mail & helpdesk support. What we will most likely due is allow anyone buying one-time lics now to be able to use them on the 2.x series releases as well.

Let me know if you have any questions at all.


I’m considering purchasing instead of leasing.

I’m a web-host and this is for a dedicated server, so I don’t need much support, but after the 3-months, do we still have access to update/download to the latest versions?

And if not, what kind of fee would that entail?


You lose upgrade of the latest version after the initial support period (except for security updates) and renewing the support contract costs $50 / 6 months.



If purchased, minor-version updates only, otherwise a renewal fee. Fair enough.

Do you offer dedicated hosting discount pricing similar to DirectAdmin, or is the only pricing what’s posted on your main home page?

Don’t know if this question belongs here and I’d be happy to address it elsewhere if need be.


Our reseller-partners recieve license discounts based upon bulk commitments and usually pass the sevings along to their clients, but we don’t offer anything directly.

I’ll be ordering a couple one-time licenses for load balancing, but with DA at 1/3 the price it’s a tough sell to go 100% interworx vs. just deploying it for the applications that make use of the entire feature set. Hopefully you can consider segmenting your product line a bit and making it less restrictive than the current reseller agreement.

FYI our minimum commit for reseller-partner status is 10 licenses, is that out of the ballpark for you?

Hi Tim,

Not a huge one, but I’ve certainly enjoyed the ease of ordering up $xx DA Dedicated licenses as needed without a minimum or even volume price breaks to be concerned with. When I started with them, I was dumping Plesk, picked up one license to try it out, now into the high double digits. Cost and commit requirements can be a fair barrier to keeping small dedicated hosts from trying and switching to your CP.

I can see larger hosts deploying several hundred servers a month getting a good ROI with the large commit (plus competitive pricing edge) and not a big deal for them to do a large one-off purchase. For a smaller provider its more important to keep that money working vs inventory not being utilized. Plus it seems like the sweet spot is the 100+ license range.

My point would probably be along the lines of giving more incentive for providers to make the switch, and get a better return at the start. That may just be me, personally if I can get x product to do the job for 90% of customers for $xx, and just pickup the occasional IW CP when requested, makes more sense if your of that mindset.

Anyhow, you do have a great product, and I didn’t mean to go on about licensing for so long. More of just my take on making it a bit more appealing.

The 10 license limit was put in place to ferrit out the people who were serious about it from those who were just looking for a price break. There are several tiers and the more licenses you sell the better deal you get. I’d have to check the agreement but I do believe you have a certain amount of time to reach that minimum commitment. I don’t have it in front of me right now.

EDIT: I just checked the agreement, you need the 10 licences initially. Sorry, 'bout that.

If you decided to become a reseller/partner, you can easily add and cancel licence keys from the my.interworx.com interface and our billing department will work with you in cases where an extra was ordered before another was cancelled or whatnot.

If you are interested, please email partnering(at)interworx.com and ask for a copy of the agreement for your perusal.


Anyhow, you do have a great product, and I didn’t mean to go on about licensing for so long. More of just my take on making it a bit more appealing.

It’s no problem and I can see where you are coming from :slight_smile: