Qmail Oddity

I was trying to track down a sendmail/qmail problem today and realized that other mail servers were rejecting email sent by cgis through sendmail because they were sourced from “anonymous@server1.tourian.victoly.com”.

server1.tourian.victoly.com is the original “name” of the server when I first got it from sago, but I’ve changed all known instances of that (/etc/sysconfig/network and /etc/hosts). Does qmail keep this name somewhere else, because it appears it’s still trying to claim mail sent via sendmail is sourced from server1.tourian.victoly.com. I’m coming from a debian background using exim so I’m more ignorant of how qmail works than I should be.

It’s probably getting that from the


Terrific, that fixed the main part of the problem. I am still getting attempts to deliver to postmaster@server1.tourian.victoly.com though. Any other ideas where this might be hiding?

Thanks for helping out on a problem that’s rather unrelated to Siteworx/Nodeworx though! You guys are the best.