Well… In an attempt to fix php/mysql (not sure which was actually broken) I did more damage than good.

so Im wondering how much it will cost me to get it all fixed up properly?

thanks for any info.

John MacFadyen.

yu may try this :

For mysql
rpm qa | grep mysql

Then note the rpms name

Then, remvoe them by
rpm -e --nodeps rpmname

Then, install it
yum install rpmname

Do the same thing for php


thats what I did… and removing php removed interworx and now nothing works!

I reinstalled everything… but none of hte control panel stuff works, nor does mail.

I’d open a ticket phobia. At worst there’s a $50 reinstall fee but if we can get it done without spending a ton of time fixing we’ll cut the price down appropriately.


I just submitted a ticket.