Quick Question

I have a few simple questions before i get my server with interworx installed

Well i have been using linux for several years now and im used to using ssh to manage the server i was wondering if i got interworx installed on it could i still use ssh to manage core componets and do small edits to the server without it breaking stuff on the interworx CP? Ill be using centos 4.x and mainly want interworx for my freinds and family cause they dont even know what linux is much less how to use it.

Basically only people ill let use my server is a few freinds family and my local fire department to host there webpages free of charge.

You shouldn’t have any problems with that. I’m using Centos 4.1 myself and have yet to do anything that interrupted interworx

InterWorx-CP never prevents you from configuring/managing your system by hand. In fact, we’ve built the system to allow just that sort of thing.


Thank you for your replys ill certianly be getting interworx-CP in the near future.