quoat error can make server crash?

quoat error can make server crash?

If this is correct, can somebody from interworx, expalin how rebuild quota step by step?


What do you mean server crash? I’ve never heard of a quota issue resulting in a server crash.

you should be able to rebuild quotas by running this command:

quotacheck -cvugmf -F vfsv0 /


under ensim.yes quota corrupted make server crash

On interworx no?

Can you define server crash? The mail server stops working? The web server stops working? The SSH server stops responding? Server crash is a pretty generic description. When the storage quotas are corrupted in InterWorx, the worst we’ve seen is that NodeWorx displays all accounts as using 0.00MB of storage quota. But the server does not crash.


server crash = server stop work , nothing work, need reboot !

And corrupted quota, usually can make server crash, on any linux plataform…

I apareciate any info form you paul, about why quota corrupted not affect interworx, thanks !!

You saty very very secure quota corupted no make server crash?

I have strange outgage on one server, and need reboot every few hours.

I make mem test, bad block test, chrootkit, stress test, and all is ok, but in misterius way, with any overload, server stop respond after few hours of work, and need reboot.

I start think its some strange hadware trouble, but just want know.

Users going over storage quota should not cause a server to crash, unless there are other underlying issues. We have seen tickets in the past that when an email box exceeds their allocated mailbox quota that imap can sometimes go crazy and cause high loads, but it doesn’t cause the server to crash.

Hi there. Today on one of our clients, the emails he was getting were being bounced back with no apparent reason apart from the disk quota. It was set to 100MB and it still had 10% free. The mail server did NOT stop. Emails started getting through after we increased the quota up to 200MB. Any idea of why this is happening? Obviously we were not sending email larger than 5KB :slight_smile: