Quota change doesn't work

I have 2 clients who exceeded their original disk quota of 100MB. I changed quotalimit to 1000MB, then unlimited for both - but it obviously doesn’t take effect.
While siteworx shows “unlimited” for these clients, and for each email account “no quota”, we get constant errors from Thunderbird “disk quota exceeded”.

Maybe the change doesn’t take effect until one of the iworx crons runs. Did you update this just now and then immediately try to send the email? Try waiting a little longer and give it another try.

I changed this just before christmas, then tried again yesterday.
No change today - disk quota exceeded, new mail is not delivered before I delete some old ones.

I’d open a support ticket at this point if you haven’t already

I’ve opened a ticket.
Btw, is there really no message sent to users when reaching limit?

Fixed now, thanks to support.
Here’s the answer:

The reason quotas weren’t getting set correctly had to do with the /home partition. InterWorx was looking at the / partition as the “main” user partition rather than /home. I edited ~iworx/iworx.ini and changed partition="/" to partition="/home", then ran ~iworx/cron/storage.pex --syncquota to assign the account quota limits from InterWorx to the filesystem for each user

user’s are e-mailed when their account reaches 80% and 100% storage quota usage. It wouldn’t have happened in the above cause though due to the problems with InterWorx looking at the wrong partition.