Quota mailboxes

[B]Hi Interworx Team,

I have two questions :

[/B]- I would like to know if it is possible to fix a size limits (for example 25Mo by mlailboxes created) ? So yes in which manners it is activated[B] ?

[/B] - And I would like automatically to remove all the files upload higher than 4MB[B], it’s possible ?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


You (the siteworx user) can limit mailbox size on a per-box basis.

Removing uploads bigger than 4Mb is outside of iworx’s realm but would could be possible with a shell script and cron job.


Ok chris thank you

[B]hi all,

					 						About script, to correct to me if I do show myself but this would be appropriate (I don't know langage script) :

find /home -type f -size +4096k -exec rm -f {} \;[B]
					 						is this correct? if not, can you help me please?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

What are you trying to do? Delete all user owned files greater than 4MB? Or delete all emails larger than 4MB? While that should do the job, I wouldn’t run it in /home. That would also find files in /home/interworx/var/lib/mysql (so it could delete the InterWorx databases), and files in each user’s var directory (which contain transfer logs, etc).

I want to delete all user owned files greater than 4Mb on their account, sorry I didn’t specify and I had forgotten that the interworx database was in /home/.

Can you help me please !