Ram Usage by iworx


I have a machine with 3gb of ram. My sites are using about 800mb of ram (private jvms), the system and interworx is using about 2gb of ram so I have little over 200mb free. Is there a way to redirect resources? To limit how much interworx uses? I would like to be able to allocate another gig and half to new private jvm customers.


Hi John,

I’m curious, how are you measuring this usage?

Remember when you’re looking at RAM usage, that “cached” RAM is actually memory this is still available. Linux “takes ownership” of almost all the available RAM, even though it is only doing that so it can hand it out to programs as it is needed. The result is that graphs often appear to show nearly all the RAM used, and the “total used” metric can appear extremely high. You can always add the “cached” RAM to the “available” RAM to get a more accurate idea of your server’s memory usage.

Of course without looking at your server I have no idea if this scenario applies to you or not, but regardless I’m sure the information will be helpful for somebody that browses the forums in the future :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps you out at all.


Hello Paul,

I am using the command ‘free’ in ssh.

         total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached

Mem: 3104380 2999168 105212 0 166204 1654776
-/+ buffers/cache: 1178188 1926192
Swap: 2144668 752 2143916

Whats the best way to get correct data so I can plan whether I need to get another server and spread sites out?


If you look at the last column “cached” it reads ~ 1.6GB, which means that there’s 1.6GB memory “free” but cached by linux for future use, so you’re not maxed out :).


Thanks for the info Chris.