RC3 init services : Do you see something bad ?


Here is my level init services

# ls /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/
K01yum             K40smartd     K87auditd     K99readahead_early  S13portmap     S56rawdevices    S85iworx
K02NetworkManager  K50netdump    K89netplugd   S00microcode_ctl    S14nfslock     S58ntpd          S85proftpd
K03rhnsd           K50snmpd      K89rdisc      S01sysstat          S18rpcidmapd   S60nfs           S90crond
K05saslauthd       K50snmptrapd  K90bluetooth  S02lvm2-monitor     S19rpcgssd     S61clamd         S95anacron
K10psacct          K56acpid      K91isdn       S06cpuspeed         S25netfs       S62freshclam     S95atd
K10xfs             K60tdm2       K94diskdump   S08iptables         S26lm_sensors  S64mysqld        S95djbdns
K15gpm             K83ntop       K95kudzu      S10network          S28autofs      S80spamassassin  S97messagebus
K35smb             K85mdmonitor  K96pcmcia     S12syslog           S55apf         S82ipvsadm       S98haldaemon
K35winbind         K85mdmpd      K99readahead  S13irqbalance       S55sshd        S85httpd         S99local

Do you see something stopped that should not in this list ?

Do you see others services that could be stopped ?
I thought at


Thanks by advance

Well I’ll do a reboot, wait and see :wink:

No seriously, I think it should be ok, I normaly didn’t stop anything need, but as 16 eyes are always better than 2, I prefer ask here, just in case …