rDNS : just to be sure....


I’ll try to be the most explicit as I can.
(It is not always easy to explain well what one wishes to carry out when a subject is not well controlled… And I know what I speak about since I also make support. But on AS400 :wink: )

Ok let’s do it

I have a box with 10 Ips. For example from 10.00 to 10.09

The IP 10.01 is a shared IP that hold all my/customer domains

If I launch the cmd host xx.xx.10.00 up to 09 I see unknown.domain.com

I’d like to see something as padawan.carat-hosting.com or unknown.carat-hosting.com (which is the name of my box and my domain name )

To do that I’ll use reverse DNS. So I need a foward record + a reverse record (right ?) : a “A” record and a “PTR” record.

first, does it sound good to have my box name (padawan.carat-hosting.com on ip 10.00) defined as “A” record ?

Ok I can create some “A” records for all the IP foward to unknown.carat-hosting.com, but for the shared one is there some impacts ?

I mean do I have to create in DNS management a “A” record for all IP for my domain carat-hosting with these informations “unknown.carat-hosting.com” “A” “xx.xx.10.01” up to 10.10 and then in IP management set the reverse DNS with unknown.carat-hosting.com ?

Is there an impact for the shared ip that hold all the domains to do that ?

Does it sound good for you to do that ?

What is your experience and what is you advised about Reverse DNS and box name ?

Thanks for yor help