It seems that the entries I am making to the rDNS section under IP Management are having no effect on what the Internet is seeing.

We are handling our own DNS and NameServers.

Where else, or how is the rDNS really handled within Nodeworx?


rDNS is handled through Sago’s 2 customer designated DNS servers for clients of Sago Networks. I’d open a ticket with them so they can verify that they have the reverse capibility designated down to ns1.cust.sagonet.com and ns2.cust.sagonet.com. If you’re using your NodeWorx box to do DNS then reverses won’t work unless Sago delagates rDNS down to your box, which they probably won’t be willing to do given the added management costs.


Thx for the update.

In digging for the reason I was asking, I’ve stumbled upon some information I discovered that may be of use to you …

When we are asked by Sago for the FQDN of the server with Interworx, we give host.mydomain.com. The script that is then used to create the Interworx (and box) info builds Qmail with a “me” control file of host.mydomain.com. The problem with this is that many emails will leave the box as “anonymous@host.mydomain.com” … which will bounce. Whereas, if the “me” control file is changed to simply mydomain.com, “anonymous@mydomain.com” does NOT bounce (regardless of the ACTUAL virtual domain being hosted … as long as one of them is that domain, apparently).

You may want to make a change with the gents at Sago to see that the default domain in the me file, as well as any other respective places only uses the domain, without the host. It will save many folks tons of time in the future.

Glad to be in on the creation of this dynamic product. It’s the best control panel I’ve seen out there.



Thanks for the notes on the ‘me’ file. The install process that Sago does requires them to set the hostname and IPs first then they run a initialization program to get the system ready for InterWorx-CP. When it is run it grabs the hostname and sticks it into the ‘me’ file which is probably the root of your problem. We’re going to revisit some of these issues soon as they have come up more than once :).

And thanks for the compliments, we’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned :).