recover pasword siteworx

When have high number of hosted sites, its a real nightmare not have this feature, customers just forgot the password, and request login data.
Usually they change the original login, so admin recors not have coincidence with the data, the only one solution, enter to the account reset the sitewrx customer pass, send again.

Why just not have feature to recover pass?

Just simple feature can send the pssword t siteowner, and send that pass without change.

What this about that?

I know when I program websites I do not store passwords in a recoverable form b/c its just not as secure. The only feature that would maybe work is to allow user to reset their own password. Then when they login with the temp password that is emailed to them they can change it to whatever they want.

Its usefull and secure :slight_smile:
Great idea.

I think we may already have this listed as an official feature request, but if not we can look into it. Justin’s suggestion about resetting the password seems to make the most sense to me only I would then take them to a screen where they are forced to set a new password.

Email, unless it is encrypted is not secure so you never want to actually mail out a real password because you never know who may watching AND many newbie users use the same passwords for everything :wink:

I hoppe soon we have this, beacsue its nightmare !!! not have this when have high number of sites : )